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Site/Real Estate Guide

Your Roy Rogers Site:
Physical Description & Guidelines

  • Roy Rogers MapFreestanding buildings, pads, shopping center end-caps, and urban store fronts
  • Building square footage: 2,800 – 3,500
  • Excellent visibility and access
  • Zoning to accommodate drive-thru use preferred
  • Parking adequate for restaurant use
  • 60 +/- seating capacity; patio seating preferred
  • Building exterior to allow for Roy Rogers standard trade dress, materials and signage
  • Non-traditional venues; 700 +/- square feet in high-volume transit locations (e.g. travel plazas, airports, etc.)


Site Options

New Location / Site Submission

Our brand expansion, for corporate and franchise locations, is based on strategic and measured growth. We must closely evaluate the trade area, real estate factors, operational efficiencies and a variety of other factors to expand in markets primed for a new Roy Rogers. 

Each day we are scouting for great locations to build or convert the next Roy Rogers Restaurant. If you know a place where we should be and have specific real estate location to present, please email site particulars to Joe Briglia at or call 301-695-1534 to discuss the opportunity.