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Roy Rogers Launches Refranchising Program in Maryland and Virginia

Fixin's Bar
The brand's iconic Fixin's Bar allows guests to dress their sandwiches with fresh lettuce, freshly sliced tomatoes and onions, and pickles, along with an array of signature sauces.

Roy Rogers Restaurants is introducing a refranchising program as part of its franchise growth strategy in Maryland and Virginia. The new program empowers potential franchisees to join the long-time brand by acquiring existing corporate stores before establishing independent locations.

As a proof of concept, Multi-Unit Franchisee Mohammad Haque touts the success of a recently acquired existing store, expanding Haque’s regional footprint in the Alexandria, VA. marketplace. This unit is his sixth with Roy Rogers.

“I was looking to grow my portfolio in an existing market, to tap into a customer base that has been loyal to the brand,” says Haque. “When you are part of a legacy brand like this, you don’t have to reinvent yourself.” For the last seven years, Haque has parlayed his operating success by purchasing “up and running locations,” investing resources at each property to make upgrades, including interior and exterior improvements to modernize and “refresh” each store.

Armed with a solid foundation and seasoned support from an established franchisor, Haque has optimized success by improving the customer’s experience and store profitability at each location. He has become a great example for others to follow.

“Mohammad is a unique, motivated and incredibly savvy entrepreneur, and we have watched him improve unit operations at each location he acquires,” says Jim Plamondon, co-president of Roy Rogers. “We are incredibly thankful for his commitment to our brand and trust in our team. I look forward to seeing him continue to grow. We are interested in forming partnerships with new franchisees to do the same via corporate locations available to acquire.”

“Refranchising is an effective tool to “seed” markets and stimulate growth thru development rights in conjunction with the transfer sale. Plus, refranchised locations have an existing performance history, so there is less guesswork and lenders appear more eager for this deal type,” says Joe Briglia, director of franchise development at Roy Rogers. “We are blessed with good, viable locations in prominent markets to offer potential partners. The goal is that these new relationships thrive and lead to developing additional stores in the market.”

Roy Rogers Restaurants actively seeks strategic thinking multi-unit operators, to support its expansion plans through its new refranchising program. Opportunities are available in Maryland and Virginia for franchisees seeking a proven brand, modernized with tech-driven systems, seasoned leadership, and a fiercely faithful multi-generational following for the brand’s long-celebrated history. With 24 company-owned restaurants and 16 franchise locations in six states, the brand aims to grow opportunistically with the right partners.


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