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Hamburger Combo

Hamburger Combo
  • Description

    1/8 lb. burger patty served on a toasted bun with your choice of side and your choice of drink.

  • Nutrition
    • Kids Hamburger (as displayed)

      Calories From Fat: 152

      Saturated Fat: 5g

      Trans Fat: 0.8g

      Polyunsaturated Fat: 2.9g

      Monounsaturated Fat: 6.4g

      Cholesterol: 63mg

      Sodium: 596mg

      Dietary Fiber: 1g

      Sugars: 4g

      Vitamin A: 0% DV

      Vitamin C: 0% DV

      Calcium: 17% DV

      Iron: 21% DV

      Allergens: Wheat Soy

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